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Top 10 Writers Worldwide That Can Covert Any User To Customer

Top 10 Writers

If you’re just beginning out on your journey of hosting a web blog or an information website, then the first thing that you need to keep in mind is the content that you give out to your users and with that, the top writers worldwide. At the root of any helpful written publication are the content and the information that it offers. You might ask why that is the case.

This is simply because we live in a world where we engage in a relationship of giving and receiving. Suppose a fellow user chooses to invest time into your website. Now it becomes your responsibility to offer them the highest value that you can in terms of information. Or maybe entertainment or simply offer them something that improves their life. And that is the base of all content. The difference between a normal writer or top 10 writers worldwide is that top writer content have quality to present their product or information better.

Now, the biggest question that arises is the question of what content really is, and how you can generate it. When you’re dealing with any website that uses a blog format, the majority of your content comes in the form of written stories and experiences or in the form of written information. To generate this content, you need someone who understands exactly what it is that is at stake. This generates value by keeping in mind the demands of the audience.

An expert who manages it all is what you call a content writer. Tasked with generating high-quality content and creating intrinsic value, the content writer is perhaps one of the most important pieces of the puzzle.

Getting To Know Content Writing and Copywriting With Top 10 Writers Worldwide

Now, when you go online and search for top writers worldwide who can write content for you, there is no dearth of viable candidates. They advertise themselves as content writers and copywriters. And the strange thing is that most of the time, you would not even find a lot of difference between the two! But I would strongly emphasize that that is not the case. In fact, a copywriter and a content writer have vastly different roles. It is all in the way that they contribute to the functioning of any organization.

If we talk about copywriters, the first thing that you need to know is that copywriting is a very forward facing role. A lot of the content written by a copywriter acts as the lure or the bait for the consumer. Tasked with writing taglines, copies for ads, and understanding the short term impacts of the marketing strategy, copywriters have a short-term role in the Digital Marketing paradigm.

When it comes to content writing though, the scope of the content is long term. This is because rather than selling to people, the top writers worldwide are the ones who keep them engaged. The do so for long periods by informing them and keeping them up to date on the latest information. They also do so by writing blogs and journals that add a sense of long term value to people’s life. A content writer is a valuable addition to any Digital Marketing firm. This is simply because of the value that they contribute over larger periods of time.

Why Content Is King In Digital Marketing: Explained By Top 10 Writers Worldwide


When it comes to Digital Marketing, the first thing that you always have to keep in mind is that content is king. Talking from all the major perspectives, content is the cornerstone of Digital Marketing. It is that we simply cannot do without it. Aside from engaging viewers and keeping them interested, there are a number of reasons why content really matters. Consider all the times that you have visited a website and then had to come back disappointed. It happened just because of the quality of content that you read there. It would surely make you not want to visit the website again.

The big thing to understand here is that the content is the reason that the users are visiting your website in the first place. If you’re not giving the users good content, not only are you making them feel that their time is wasted, but you also subvert their expectations to the point that they never visit your site again. On the contrary, if you give your users good content, then they have a good reason to visit your website again. That is also having taken with them a good experience and a good brand image in their minds.

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In addition to this, content is what builds a relationship with your customer. By having the customer come on to your website and engage them, you are building a relationship with them. By establishing a relationship where you give them what you need, you are increasing your network.

Why It Matters

Also, the content that you put on your website is what actually drives people to it. Indexing on websites such as Google and other search engines works in ways that prioritize good content and shows higher up in the list. And when this effect compounds, other people running websites would start providing links to your website. This earns you an even larger audience.

With the way that content triumphs over everything, it is important to consider. When it comes to Digital Media, it is not at all possible to ignore it in any manner. It is an integral part of the business and you need to take care of it with great diligence and tenderness. You need to understand your audience and curate your content from them and that is what will truly drive your business. And for good content, you need good content writers as well as top notch copywriters. And that is the reason why we are going to start looking at the top 10 copywriters in the business.

The 10 Top Writers Worldwide

Joe Coleman

A well-seasoned copywriter, Joe Coleman is famous for the way that he uses his words to produce what most people call “word music”. A proficient writer and an affluent user of the language, he is currently one of the top writers worldwide. He is known for cleverly using his words in ways that convey the intent of the customer in the shrewdest way possible.

Laurence Blume

Another highly proficient copywriter, Laurence Blume is as talented as they come. With a knack for driving small as well as large-scale enterprises forward using his clever wordplay, the visionary is currently one of the top copywriters in the world. He is well sought after by businesses and huge corporations alike.

Chintal Ruparel

A copywriter at Taproot India, Chintal Ruparel is one of the youngest copywriters to make the list of the best copywriters across the world. At the young age of 24, he has proven himself to be one of the best in business, and we applaud it. He has proven that age is no barrier to creativity and continues to prove himself in the field of advertising and copywriting.

Demian Farnworth

Another amazing copywriter, Demian Farnworth is again a top writer worldwide. He is known for his eccentric approach to copywriting. The 4 P’s as he calls them make up the major chunk of his approach to writing. The 4 expressions in question are namely Promise, Picture, Proof, and Push. Pushing for shiny headlines, Demian Farnworth is one worth his reputation.

Robert Collier

The late Robert Collier is widely regarded as one of the most accomplished copywriters in history. With an emphasis on picturing what the copywriter wants to accomplish in addition to making the end goal of the process clear, he was as proficient in the English language as they come.

John Forde

A copywriter with an edge in marketing and growth, John Forde is one of the prime examples of what a talented copywriter can accomplish when geared up with the right knowledge and given exposure to the right environment. Hacking all the concepts of marketing, he is one of the most accomplished copywriters today.

Gary Halbert

Another well-known name in the industry, Gary Halbert was someone who was as famous as a copywriter could be. He was famous for his sales letters and casual writing style that appealed to the reader. He is also the epitome of bringing sophistication in the form of simplicity.

Joseph Sugarman

A revolutionary, as called by many, Joseph Sugarman was an advertising wizard. With his simple yet catchy style, he became famous for his headlines which would be read by everyone. A well deserved spot on this list definitely needs to be reserved for him.

Drayton Bird

Again, bringing simplicity to the table, Drayton Bird does not employ a lot of fancy words and a lot of complex structures. His power lies in the fact that he can make simplicity beautiful and make everyone appreciate it. Getting straight to the point, he doesn’t waste much time.

David Ogilvy

A top gun in the business, David Ogilvy is one of the most sought out copywriters and is known for his acumen in advertising and business. If there was one person who could teach it all, it would be him.

What The Top Writers Worldwide Teach Us

With that, we can see how the best writers in the business conduct their work and the pain that they take to make sure that it shines. Sometimes, simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. Other times, playing with words can be the symphony that your brand so desires.

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