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Vision Of The CEO

Hey, do you know 1/3rd of the students are today depressed and even, they don’t know it? Do you know an average teenager spend only 36 minutes/day with his parents which is actually all time low of all ages? Do you know the ratio of suicides in students?

Yes, That’s the reason I, Navneet Gupta, started “HSIM India Federation” Sec-8 Organization aims to direct our youth to become “Job Givers/ Business Man/ Independent”.

I got to know about this field in summer of 2011 and have started my full-time digital marketing career in 2014 experienced lot of ups and downs in Journey. Surely, it was the Journey of Transformation!

In this time period, I’ve been so blessed to get industrial exposure among all the digital marketing fields and found something interesting for our youth.

“It’s not the lack of jobs, it’s the lack of skills cause unemployment”.


My mission, my vision is to empower knowledge & build skills among youth to match up the industrial requirements. I am looking forward to guide 1,00,000 students choosing & pursuing their career till 2025 starts with opening of 5 new franchise of HSIM till 05th Feb 2021.

I have taught and guided lot of students, professionals, entrepreneur in this journey to follow their passion. My breakthrough goal is to teach 180 students b/w the time period of 1 Oct. 2019 to 05th Feb 2020 and launch them successfully in Digital Marketing Industry.

The Faculty at HSIM is trained in such a way that they are enrolled with the “Live Projects” and shares their experiences with the students. Not only this, students get live training which eventually build their confidence before leaving our institute.

Our slogan “Skill matters more than the Certificate” & “म्हारा हरियाणा डिजिटल बनाणा” is to empower our Villagers/ student’s life in Digital World.

Good Luck 

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