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Hindustan School of Internet Marketing is sec-8 non profit organization aims to deliver Best Digital Marketing knowledge to Haryana’s youth through our campaign “म्हारा हिंदुस्तान डिजिटल बनाणा” following by most practical training institute in Hindustan where you get a chance to work on live projects. 


Hindustan School of Internet Marketing understands the gap between scope in Digital Marketing and Skills of those students. Hindustan School of Internet Marketing empower you to stand out yourself from crowd with the professionals of all Digital Marketing Components, Hindustan School of Internet Marketing makes you worthwhile for starting your career as a job, business or freelancer. Most importantly, Hindustan School of Internet Marketing build by Haryana’s youth to serve Haryana’s youth so there can’t be any communication language gap between students and our professionals. This Digital Marketing Course empower our students for their personal and professional growth.

Hindustan School of Internet Marketing aims to digital marketing awareness in haryana initiated from Karnal and will expand their roots to all districts in Haryana. We are also focusing towards digital awareness in villages through collaboration with “Internet Saathi“.  Once villagers got to know about “How Internet Can Change their Life“, We are putting more efforts in making their life fortune with “how to earn money online“, “How to differentiate between legit and illegal platforms”, “How to make your life secure and fruitful using internet” and so on!

Primarily, Hindustan School of Internet Marketing is focusing on your overall mindset that “you are not qualified for working on Internet”, “You need to learn english for working on Internet”. Believe me, it’s easy to work on the Internet. Yes, you need some basic knowledge but it’s not necessary to have complete english knowledge or skills to work on it. In Karnal, we are offering digital marketing course at absolutely low cost and that’s too payable after your complete 6 months coaching (Learning Program + Skill Development Paid Internship Program). It’s just not an Institute but also working as a digital marketing company in Karnal primarily leading as a SEO agency.

Hindustan School of Internet Marketing also offering digital marketing jobs in Karnal so in case if you have any question related to Internet marketing course, related to our digital marketing institute or if you wants to know more about us, please call us at+91- 8307878581

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