Web Hosting “It’s just like a hard disk of your laptop” –  What are the criteria you should look forward before choosing the right platform and hosting panel. How companies cheat you on the name of hosting and how could you make “web hosting” as your new business venture.

Can you imagine a working laptop without any hard disk? Can you imagine a car without any internal accessories? Why do we need space for our shop?

Whenever you create a proprietorship firm,  private limited company or anything else, you need a space for your firm where you could work effectively, where you could sell your services or a product.  Likely, after booking a domain name, we need web hosting for our domain name where we can store our data and anyone can access that data with our Domain name.

We see a lot of Go Daddy, Google, Big Rock ads on TV – What are they doing? Why are they spending huge money on promotion of themselves?

Google helps you to get online through various digital awareness initiative such as “Internet Saathi” and “Google Question Hub”.   

Internet Saathi:

They are providing digital awareness to girls/women in villages in which they are covering very basic topics such as “How to switch on/off mobile phones, how to use Google Map, how to access websites through browsers, how to watch videos online etc”.

Google Question Hub:

We are happy to inform you guys that we are a member of Google Question Hub (Which is accessible to very few peoples) in which Google informs us about your queries (whatever you are asking in Hindi, Tamil, and other Indic languages).  Google question hub is an initiative to increase content in Hindi or Indic Language.

Web Hosting Modules:

  • Web Hosting Terminology
  • Types of Web Hosting
  • Checklist for Purchasing Web Hosting
  • How to Purchase Web Hosting?
  • How to Connect Domain Name with Web Hosting?
  • How Could you Start Your Own Business by Providing Servers to Others?

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