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I got a lot of emails from Flipkart, Amazon, Snapdeal etc. Why do they mail us? and how could we make our email campaigns profitable? – Digital Marketer ready those tactics for these big brands. Join HSIM course and start applying it in your real life.

Email marketing is one of the biggest platforms in Digital marketing Area and MNC (Multi-National Companies) Utilize Emails to send offers on a daily basis, to sustain their reputation in their followers and so on. As we know, whatever we are doing online, we have connected with it with our emails. We do daily data, updating and reporting on our email whether it’s Gmail, Outlook, Hotmail or any other email service, provider.

What is Email Marketing?

A way to use emails for developing relationships between potential customers, clients and brand is called email marketing. Have you ever heard of FaceBook, Twitter even Bank account leaked data? Most of the leaked data contain email and that could be used by anyone for their email marketing purposes.

Generally, you receive emails from big brands like Amazon, Flipkart. They are offers for discount and sell products. Consultation companies use our emails to send many job offers. Now the question is arise.

How did they get your email to contact you?

How did they know you are searching for a job or product?

Today, every platform gives you the option to fill the email field so that they could mail you on a regular base. Do you know? Today, 94% of the youth peoples Use emails!

Now, sending emails on a regular basis for the purpose of brand awareness, selling items, offering something is called email marketing and here are the platforms which you could integrate into your website for email marketing:

Biggest Platforms For Email marketing which could be integrated with your website:

  1. Aweber
  2. Get response
  3. Mail Chimp
  4. Optin monster
  5. Drip
  6. Constant Contact

But! But! But! How to use these platforms for email marketing and what should be our email content? how to get more conversion in email? what is the conversion rate of emails? Are there any jobs available in email marketing? If these are your question, We, Hindustan School of Internet Marketing, offers you answer of all your queries with the examples and if you talk about email marketing modules, we have experts in our office who will help you with their modules and live examples:

Email Marketing Modules:

  • Introduction & How it’s works?
  • Email Marketing Terminology
  • Email Design
  • Email Formatting
  • Email Write Ups
  • What are the Best Email Servers
  • How to Pitch Offer and use emotions for collecting Emails?
  • Email Followup Series
  • How to Avoid Email Spamming?
  • Email Marketing Followup Series
  • Track Open Rate
  • Analyze and Optimize Email Campaigns
  • How to send Email in Bulk?
  • Email Marketing Automation
  • Database Segmentations
  • Acquiring ROI via Email Marketing
  • Case Study
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