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When we talk about content, a lot of people thinks –you need superb English but that’s not right. Let me ask you one question? Do you read content in English only? Have you ever seen a Hindi Newspaper? (Silly question, isn’t it?) But yes, here our answer lies. On the internet, there is an audience for everything.

If you could write in a Tamil language, Telugu or any other language, just go ahead – there are a lot of opportunities available online to work on your regional language.

You know what, total 1,60,000 total local newspaper companies in India have an average 20 employee out of which 12 employees is the only content writers (who writes news script for them).

Is it the end of content writing? Naah, Here the Game starts!

According to the June 2024 Web Server Survey by Netcraft, there are now 1,101,431,853 (over 1.1 billion) websites, with the number continuously growing.

What’s The Opportunity here?

If you see the languages used on the internet and list of countries by the number of users, There is a huge gap between them. Only 0.1% of the overall content is available in Hindi and other Indic languages, however, India is a 2nd most populated country (after China) where users prefer their regional languages more than English (But, we don’t have content for them).

As a writer, if you start working on Hindi or Indic content, you will find plenty of topics to write about and can grow quickly. Do you know even women in villages are starting to use the internet? There is a lot of awareness being created through Google’s initiatives like Internet Saathi.

Do you know about the total number of native speakers in Englis & Hindi? If not, As per Wikipedia, 400 Million people are native speakers in English. However,  we have 322 million native hindi speakers around the globe so we encourage to write in Hindi or other Indic languages too.

Top 5 Websites in the Hindi Language:


Apart from this, there are a lot of Hindi newspaper available online and getting millions of traffic on a daily basis. Now, it’s your turn to become a writer!

Here are content writing modules in which we will inform about all aspects of content writing which you could use while writing any language whether you are an English native speaker, Hindi or another language

Content Writing Modules:

  • What is Content Writing?
  • Why Content is Important?
  • Content Writing Terminology
  • Difference Between English and other Indic Language Content.
  • What Should we Care of while Writing Indic Content?
  • What is Snippet and How to make it Effective?
  • How to Generate Ideas and Crafting Titles?
  • Planning your post Format, Length, Readibility, Scanning, Headings.
  • Types of Titles
  • How to Create Titles?
  • How to Create Punch (Catchy) Lines?
  • Types of Content
  • Content Distribution
  • Content for Corporate Communication
  • Content Management Process
  • Editorial Calendar?
  • Content Marketing
  • What is User intent and How to make the Proper use of User Intent?
  • How to Acquire High Quality Leads via Content?
  • Difference Between Content Writing and Content Marketing?
  • How to Write Stories?
  • The Proper Content Flow
  • How to make Your Content Actionable
  • What should be the Word Length of Your Content?
  • How to Convert your into a Sales Pitch?
  • How to make your Content SEO Optimized?
  • Various Content Generation Methods
  • Success Formula for Content Management
  • Case Studies
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