Introduction To
Digital Marketing


Hello! Let’s explore digital marketing. Do you know nearly everyone is online these days? From checking cricket scores to watching favorite shows, the internet is buzzing. 💻🌐 And guess what? Businesses are catching on. They’re using Facebook and WhatsApp to reach people just like us. 📱👥

Ever noticed how you see ads for things you’ve talked about? That’s digital marketing magic! It’s like someone’s reading your mind, right? 🎩✨ And the best part? You can learn how to do this too. It’s not as complicated as it sounds. 📘👍

Curious to learn more about how this all works? Why not take a step and explore the world of digital marketing with us? It’s a skill that open so many doors for you. Let’s start this journey together! 🚀🌟

Digital Marketing course is a part of MBA and equivalent to any master degree. And you know what? Anyone can do it (Ofcourse, with common sense!). As we all knows, Skills matter more than any degree and here you will get certified by Google (No. 1 Search Engine). This course will be more than enough to get job or to extract business anywhere in the world. HSIM India Federeation (Haryana School of Internet Marketing) offers India’s Best Digital Marketing Trainer available in Karnal where we guide our students for bright future only.

In this part, we’ll get into the main points of digital marketing and its role today…

  • What is Digital Marketing?
  • Need of Digital Marketing
  • Scope of Digital Marketing
  • Trends of Digital Marketing
  • How Digital Marketing Works?
  • Digital Marketing Terminology
  • Job Opportunities in Online Marketing
  • Business Opportunities in Online Marketing
  • Freelancing Opportunities in Online Marketing
  • How does digital marketing differ from traditional marketing?
  • How Can digital marketing help in growing a small business?
  • Live Examples

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HSIM – Hindustan School of Internet Marketing in collaboration with Serve Vision Pvt Ltd. aims to deliver Best Digital Marketing knowledge to students through campaign “Digital India”.
At HSIM we provide theoratical as well as practical knowledge to students.
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