The domain “A Name of any website“. A lot of business depends on their name and that ’s where all game lies. Let’s check out how today’s big brands was moved from yesterday’s domain name:

How the Big Brands Moving Their Domain Name?


HarvardConnection.com (in 2002)

TheFaceBook.com (in 2004)

FaceBook.com purchased in 2005 for US$200,000

FB.com acquired on November 15, 2010, for $8.5 million


Google was “BackRub” in its an initial stage and “Google” was trademarked on Sept 15, 1997.


If you type Relentless.com (Sept 5, 1994), you will find yourself on Amazon.com.

Confinity » PayPal

Quantum Computer Services » AOL

Brad’s Drink » Pepsi-Cola

Blue Ribbon Sports » Nike

AuctionWeb » eBay

Firebird » Firefox

If you see all those company or domain name, They are making it simple, easy to use and as per their brand perception! Now, how and why are they doing it? That’s what you will be going to learn here.

WOW! I Know – You will not believe on those stats but here are few sites where live auctioning going on:




Now, the question arises-  Who is buying and selling those domains? What are those points which we should care before purchasing any domain or before starting any business venture?

Have you ever thought of buying domain names and sell it for higher prices? Here, at HSIM India Federation (Haryana School of Internet Marketing), you will get to know about Worldwide Best Domain traders and their strategies of becoming a kickass Domain Flipper.

To become a Domain Flipper or to do it full-time, Haryana School of Internet Marketing have Industry Expert in Karnal who will guide you with all the modules given below:

Modules which will be covered under Domain Name:

  • What is a domain name ?
  • Types of domain name
  • How to check domain name metrics?
  • What are expired domains and where can you find them?
  • How can you renew a domain name, and what happens if it expires?
  • Where can you purchase domain names?
  • What criteria should an ideal domain name meet?

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